Writing Center Staff

Director: Dr. Lisa Langstraat

Assistant Director: Cory Cotten-Potter

ESL Specialist: Leslie Davis


Katie H.

Last year, I wrote a paper looking at Japanese author Haruki Murakami and how his work is translated for an American audience. It was fascinating to learn more about Japanese culture, customs and icons, and to learn what information is lost through that translation.


Dominque G.

My name is Dominique. I am a graduate student in the TEFL/TESL program in the English department. My favorite thing about working in the writing center is seeing a student’s face light up we discover how they can make their writing better. I also just like helping students in general and honestly they help me too.

My favorite piece of writing is “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe. It’s just the absolute best.


Rachel T.

I am a senior finishing my final year of my undergraduate degree. I study English literature and creative writing, and global and environmental sustainability.  The Writing Center, for me, is no different than the Alleycat Cafe – for all kinds of writers to come discuss where they are in their writing process (as well as for coffee and community). Two years ago, I wrote a collection of four poems exploring the idea of home, if home can even be considered to be real; one of those poems was published in The Greyrock Review last spring, and I am still immensely proud of that work.


Mackenzie “Mack” T.

Hi! My name is Mackenzie (Mack) and I’m an English Education Major with a Spanish Minor. I believe that writing is a very fluid process and that everyone can use support to make their dreams realities. This is one reason why I love the writing center, because everyone believes a version of this idea. It is also relevant to mention that the staff in the Writing Center is so warm and welcoming that it’s hard to not want to spend an afternoon with any one of them. I myself am currently working on editing an academic article about teaching suicide books to high schoolers and hope to one day publish my work.


Cassidy R.

I am beginning my junior year in my undergraduate working on my bachelor’s in English Education with a minor in Spanish. My favorite part about working at the writing center is showing everybody, regardless of content area, background, etc. that they have the potential to be an amazing writer! I may be the only one to find it interesting, but I thoroughly enjoy some of the poetry I’ve written in my free time!


Geneva M.

I love working in the Writing Center because I get to meet and work with remarkable people who have diverse interests, backgrounds and goals.  Writing is important to earning a degree and finding a career, but it also holds the power of communication and creativity.


Susannah L-R

My name is Susannah, and I am pursing my MFA at Colorado State. I love working in the Writing Center because I believe writing to be a process that requires collaboration and conversation. The Writing Center gives me the opportunity to join in this conversation and discuss what I am most passionate about every day. Also, there’s always coffee and tea!! Recently, I’ve been working on a series of poems on pathology, which explores the way empathy shapes our interpretation of anatomy and diagnosis.


Chelsea D.

Hi! I’m Chelsea, a 5th year PhD Candidate in Political Science! I love working at the writing center because I encounter so many different kinds of writing. The experience of working at the writing center broadens my own writing horizons, and allows me to constantly improve my skills at helping others with their writing as well! The most interesting piece of writing I’ve completed is my dissertation proposal because it will allow me to eventually put my voice out into the world as a political theorist!!


Lauren P.

Hi, my name is Lauren, and I am currently studying education in order to obtain my Masters of Education. I graduated this past Spring 2017 with my masters in English-teaching English as a second/foreign language. I love working at the writing center because I believe that writing is a way for everyone to have their voice heard. Whether it be for an academic assignment or writing for pleasure, writing’s ability to let people have their voices heard is amazing. I love interacting with different people in order to learn more about their voice.

The most interesting piece of writing I have completed is an online portfolio with a collection of a variety of writings for my MA-TEFL/TESL degree! I worked very hard on those pieces, and defended them in front of a committee in order to graduate. It was great to reflect on everything I had been learning!


Sarah Z.

Hi, everyone! I’m a first-year English Literature M.A. student. I love working in the Writing Center because, in addition to helping students improve their writing, I get to help them build confidence in themselves, too! 🙂 The most interesting piece of writing I’ve completed was the honors thesis I wrote during my final year of undergraduate studies as an English major — it was all about modern drama, so the research involved lots of theatre-going. It was so much fun!


Tori T.

I am an English major with a concentration in writing, rhetoric and literacy, with minors in Spanish Ethnic Studies and Legal Studies. Being super extroverted, I love getting to interact with CSU students and just nerd out about English in a very productive way. A piece of writing I loved was a parody poem I wrote in the 8th grade. My teacher at the time used it as an example paper and I have never been more embarrassed but also proud of a paper.