About the Writing Center

We believe that writing is not a solitary act and that writing becomes more effective when discussion/conversation surrounds it. The Colorado State University Writing Center is dedicated to providing advice and help in every stage of the writing process. Our goal is to engage the community in discussion about writing by providing face-to-face and online consultations, classroom presentations, and outreach to faculty, staff, and students.

Beginning with the writers’ needs and concerns, we use our training, knowledge, and experience to enable writers to discover their own expertise. By offering resources and strategies, we strive to build writers’ beliefs in their own writing processes and abilities. Subsequently, writers walk away with the confidence to make effective writing choices in any writing situation. In these ways, we support the shared goal of writing centers to make better writers, not just better writing.

Our mission is educational. Through productive conversation, active participation, and clients maintaining responsibility of their work, consultants strive to facilitate learning during each session. One goal of the Writing Center is to help students learn how to develop a repertoire of strategies that they can use in any writing situation. By having our clients engage in this learning, they will become better writers, instead of just being able to produce better writing.

We offer advice and resources at every stage of the writing process:

  1. Starting: Understanding assignments, brainstorming, discussing and developing ideas
  2. Drafting: Finding a focus, choosing a purpose, targeting an audience, developing a thesis or an argument
  3. Revising: Improving your paper’s organization, expanding ideas, improving clarity and cohesion
  4. Researching: Finding a topic and choosing search terms, conducting searches (on the Internet and the library catalogue), evaluating sources, integrating material into your essay, documentation styles and citations
  5. Polishing: We will not proofread or edit a paper for you, but we will help you learn how to find and correct errors in punctuation, usage, and grammar.