Online Consultations

While face-to-face consultations can provide more opportunity for conversation with consultants and immediate feedback, we understand that not all students can visit the Writing Center during our hours of operation. For that reason, we offer the following online services. Online consultations are available to CSU students, staff, faculty, and alumni. If you’d like to arrange an online consultation, click here.

NEW! Video Conferencing Appointments

  • You can now schedule appointments on WCONLINE for a 30 minute consultation and meet online.
  • During these sessions you can either talk with a consultant using a web cam or using the chat feature. For instructions, please click here.
  • If you have questions about document formatting, please upload a copy of your writing to the appointment form.

Online Draft Review

  • Using our appointment system, WCONLINE, you may upload a draft for review to our Online Draft Review We will make recommendations and ask questions on your paper and then return it to you with general feedback and suggestions.
  • Though the sign-up procedure may appear to be an appointment schedule, the listing of days/times is simply due to our software constraints. We ask that you submit your draft to the earliest available appointment, and we will respond in the order in which we receive drafts (within three business days).
  • Do not worry if the queue appears busy; consultants review drafts throughout the week and we will review your submission as soon as possible.
  • The following video shows how to submit a draft for review:


What happens when I submit a draft for online draft review?
Your draft will be sent to the Writing Center, where a consultant will read information page you completed and read your draft. The consultant will insert comments into the margins of your paper to address your concerns and make suggestions. Then the consultant will send an email letting you know the draft is ready to be viewed on WCONLINE.

What kind of feedback will I get from the online draft submission?
Our feedback will respond to any concerns about the paper that you expressed when you made the appointment. Our consultants may also offer suggestions in additional areas. The consultant comments will be inserted into the margins of your paper.

Can I submit a draft more than once to the online queue?
If you make substantial revisions to a draft and still have concerns about it, you can resubmit. Please contact us at if you would like to resubmit your draft.

Can I submit my thesis to you? My novel?
No. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, our consultants cannot look at more than 5 pages of submitted work.

How long will it take to get feedback from the online draft queue?
Since you sign up in our queue, we ask for up to one week for us to review your draft.

Can you proofread my paper?
No. We are happy to answer questions about specific grammatical concerns, but we will not proofread your paper.

Can you tell me what grade I will get on this paper?
No. The purpose of the Writing Center is to help make you a better writer in general. Only your teacher or professor can give you a grade. Be sure to look over your assignment sheets to make sure that you’re meeting all of the given criteria, and ask your professor if you have specific grading questions.