Mike Palmquist (he/him) is director of the Writing Center. I'm a Professor of English and University Distinguished Teaching Scholar. My scholarly interests include writing across the curriculum, the effects of computer and network technologies on writing instruction, and new approaches to scholarly publishing. You can contact me at

Leslie Davis (she/her) is associate director of the Writing Center. I'm an Instructor in the Department of English, and I specialize in teaching English as a Second Language. My scholarly interests include the impact of pedagogical approaches on students from diverse backgrounds, including those whose first language is not English. You can contact me at

Annie Halseth (she/her) is assistant director of the Writing Center. I'm a Master's student in the Rhetoric, Writing, and Social Change Program. I have an MA in Education from the University of Denver and have worked in writing centers at DU and CSU. You can contact me at


Grace D. (she/her): Hello future clients of the Writing Center! I am in my final semester at CSU as an English major with a minor in Criminology and Criminal Justice. This is my fourth year at the Writing Center and my third year as a consultant. In my free time, I enjoy watching horror movies, writing about them for Rue Morgue Magazine, listening to music, and hanging out with my friends and their pets. I am also currently in the process of applying to law school--fingers crossed! Here at the Writing Center, I specialize in literature analysis, research/argumentative papers, personal statements, and more. As an ex-STEM kid, I'd be happy to look at your lab reports as well! I am so excited to be back in person this semester and can't wait to see your (unfortunately still) masked faces in the center :).

Anna E. (she/her): Hi! I am an MFA student in the Creative Nonfiction Program here at CSU. I’m originally from Wisconsin and am a proud cheesehead. I studied English and Political Science at Grinnell College, but love talking about everything from political theory, to how long to age a cheddar, historical fiction, the memory arts, any and all animals, and, writing. I am excited to be working in the Writing Center this year—and I look forward to talking about everything weird, wonderful, and writerly with you!

Jared H. (he/him): Hello there! I am a senior majoring in Education with a concentration in English. After graduation, I plan on joining the Peace Corps to teach English. I will return to the States at some point to teach middle school in a sleepy town somewhere out West. In my spare time, I study Vietnamese, read (Garcia Marques and LeGuin are current favorites), write short stories, play in a rock band, and collect fine art. I've participated in nationally recognized literary review publications, make a mean chile, and drink too much coffee. Recently retired from attempts at horseback riding with an 0-4 record, I have come to appreciate a nice walk. I cannot wait to encourage my peers to be the best writers they can be. See you in the Writing Center!

Haley H. (she/her): Hi! I'm currently working toward a Master's in English Education. I just moved here from the Midwest and am thrilled to be living near the mountains! Though this is my first year at CSU's Writing Center, I come with plenty of experience as a consultant: while I was earning my BA in English Literature and Creative Writing at Miami University, I worked at the Howe Center for Writing Excellence. I love working with writers — everyone is a writer, by the way — and learning from them, too. Beyond working here, there are so many things in this life that I enjoy, but here’s the short list: hiking, psychological thrillers, indie pop, chips & guac, autumn, any dog ever, and drawing comparisons to Jess Day from New Girl (though I promise I won’t sing at you). Here's to a great year at the Writing Center -- I'll see you there!

Caitlin K. (she/her): Hi!. I’m a fourth-year undergraduate majoring in English: Creative Writing and adding a Philosophy minor soon. After graduation, I hope to go into the publishing industry as an Editor and eventually go to grad school to get my MFA. Outside of CSU, I enjoy writing my own creative pieces (non-fiction has quickly become my favorite, but fiction will always have a special place in my heart), hanging out with friends, reading a book from my ever-expanding library, and spending some quality time with my fur-babies (three cats and one sausage-looking dachshund). I love jewelry, so you’ll probably see me wearing some creative earrings and as many rings as I can fit on my fingers. This is my first year working at the Writing Center, and I’m so excited to be here! I look forward to sitting down with you and lending a helping hand!

Ellie L. (she/her): Hi friends! I am in my fourth year studying English Education here at CSU. Reading has definitely made me a better person, and I hope that I will be able to offer my future students the same opportunities that I had. My younger siblings remind me daily that I am very out of touch with the current teen vernacular, but nonetheless I’m excited to student teach in a secondary classroom in the spring! When I’m not doing homework, I’m doing so by baking, meeting new people, reading poetry, and spending time outside. I’m so excited to be a part of the Writing Center, and I look forward to working with you soon!

Monica M. (she/her): Hello there, This is my second year in the TEFL/TESL (Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language) MA program. As a first-year consultant, I am so excited to meet with you guys! I especially like making new friends and learning from each other. Hiking, swimming, and working out are my favorite activities. Additionally, I just enhanced my English grammar through last semester in Syntax class; therefore, I am too impatient to wait to discuss “complicated grammar” with you. Research is another field that I am interested in, so please do not hesitate to bring them to me; I would love to have a fantastic conversation with you as well. Stop by and make an appointment in Writing Center with me!

Nicole P. (she/her): Hi everyone! My name is Nicole and I am a first year MFA student on the fiction track here at CSU. When I’m not reading or writing I love running, seeking out artisanal mac and cheese, walking my dog, and looking up educational toys for him on Amazon that I then purchase and let gather dust while he goes for the same slobbered-on, chewed-up stuffed dinosaur. I’m super excited to read what you all bring

Nathan R. (he/him): Hey All! I am from Longmont, Colorado, and I got my undergraduate in English and World Philosophy here at CSU. I graduated right before the pandemic hit. I spent some time doing odd jobs, volunteering my time at the Immigrant and Refugee center in Northern Colorado and writing poems with incarcerated writers with CSU’s Speakout! Now I’m back for grad school in English, and I’m happy to be reading and writing in a community again. I’m excited to work with anyone no matter the subject!

Joseph R. (he/him): Hello everyone! I’m a 4th year student here at CSU. My major is Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts, which means I study a mix of Creative Writing, Sociology and Political Science. It’s a ton of fun! I recommend it heavily. I think after I graduate, I’m going to teach in Japan. Or maybe Ghana? I’m not quite sure yet, but the world is a truly vast and amazing place. I’m looking forward to exploring it. You can also hear me on 90.5 KCSU every Tuesday or Wednesday night from 9-11 PM for my radio show, “Adventures through Space, Time and Gravity”. This is my 2nd year working here at the Writing Center, and I am SO SO SO incredibly excited to be back in person. The Writing Center has such a calming and grounding vibe. I’m really looking forward to people coming in for consultations or just for coffee and tea. My favorite part about working here is that learning is a two-way street. I get to know so much about other people’s perspectives and viewpoints, and by the end of the 30-minute consultations it feels like we both learned something new.

Genevieve W. (they/them): Howdy! My name is Genevieve, but I usually go by Gen. I am a first-year graduate student in the Literature program. I completed my BA in English, with a concentration in Creative Writing, at Arizona State University, where I discovered my love for contemporary poetry. I'm passionate about writing, not only as a craft, but also through the ways that writing can affect our thoughts and ideas about the human experience. I think this is what led to my interests in folklore and the horror genre. So, if you enjoy reading contemporary poetry, talking about the history of the vampire, or watching cheesy ‘80s slasher films, I'm sure we'll get along just fine. Regardless, I'm excited to work with the writers in the CSU community, and I look forward to having generative conversations about writing with all of you!

Alec W. (he/him): Hi all, my name's Alec. I'm a grad student, in my second year as a fiction writer in the MFA program. I graduated from CU Denver in December 2019, right before all the craziness that is 2020 really began. Though I grew up in Golden, I lived in San Francisco for a year while attending San Francisco State. Now, however, I've settled down in Fort Collins with my boyfriend and our two cats, Leia and Finn, who you might see while we're on a call together. I love getting to meet new faces and share what I can about the writing process. Tips and tricks are my forte. Beyond the center I currently have a love affair with French literature. I enjoy hiking, kayaking, yoga, backpacking, essentially any excuse to get outdoors. That being said, I also love reading for hours inside, stretched on on my couch so I'd love to read and dig into whatever writing you bring to the Writing Center!

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